Professional Services 

Our Style

We draw inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern Movement of the 50s and 60s and from designers like Eero Saarin and Fran Lloyd Wright. 

Custom Design 

Work with our in house designers to create the perfect piece for your lifestyle. Nothing is too big or small. 


Shipping and returns (within 20 days of delivery) are free for all orders in and around the Springfield Area. 


Custom Furniture 

Our furniture showcases the knots, ribbons, and natursal imperfections found in natural materials. Sealed with clear lacquer coating, the protective finish brings out the unique characterics of the wood grain. The finish is food safe and resists water marks. 

Our favorite materials are Walnut, Ash, Birch Hardply and Carbon Steel. 

DSC_7696 edited.jpg


A recent addition to our studio is our new 1000 sq. ft. ceramic studio. Fully equipped for all of your ceramic needs with onsite full fire kilns. 

We are now offering our Usonian Farmhouse Line of Ceramics. Styled by our in house potters to be at home in any Midwestern farmhouse, our new ceramic line balances functionality with out compromising aesthetics. Made locally at our production studio utilizing a proprietary clay and glaze body each pieces is dishwasher and microwave safe.